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My French Life: We must be quackers!

My French Life Barbary ducklings Belle, Rapunzel and Dicky
Belle, Rapunzel and Dicky

Just a very quick update today on the latest additions to our family!

We were in the local garden centre getting some straw for the chickens’ nests and they had some Barbary ducklings in a cage.  I’m afraid I was lost.  I know that I said when I became an empty nester after the baby chickens were finally evicted from the house that I wouldn’t be getting any more baby animals which would need nursing on account of the horrible smelliness of the baby chickens. I know Flo and her partner Mad Fred, the geese I got just three weeks ago are expecting.  I know that at least three stray cats are now helping themselves to my three cats food.  And finally, I know I said with 28 animals to feed, clean and care for … a website to run… a hovel to renovate – I said “no more”.

Anyway!  Welcome to Belle, Rapuzel and Dicky the baby Barbary ducks!

A bientôt


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