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My French Music: Les Parisiennes

Les Parisiennes

Paris Chanson, the French radio show and music experts choose a singer, group or musical excerpt that represents French music: the French girl band “Les Parisiennes”.

Olivier Jauffrit of Paris Chanson says “Nobody remembers them I think nowadays in France but they represent exactly what popular French music was during the ‘60s.”

The period known as “yéyé” in France in the 60s was a recognition of the influence of American music of the “She loves you Yeah Yeah Yeah” style. The all-girl group Les Parisiennes was typical of the French fad for copying the style of music and clothes of the time in the US.

The group was put together by French composer and jazz pianist Claude Bolling who played with luminaries such as Lionel Hampton. He took four dancers – Hélène, Anne, Anne-Marie and Raymonde and formed a girl band – Les Parisiennes. The music he wrote for them is said to have been influenced by his interest in the sound of New Orleans and has a swinging sound. The music was original, unlike many who translated American classics into French. They made 30 records before splitting up in the 70s.

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