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Major Napoleon Events in France 2014

napoleon events

Napoleon Bonaparte will be remembered forever as one of the greatest leaders of France. He once declared “Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever” – something he need never fear.

The legend of the Corsican born general who became an Emperor captures the imagination to this day and he is remembered for the many battles he fought, his tempestuous love life and his strong personality. History is littered with his quotes and we remain fascinated by the mind of this man who said “I saw the crown of France laying on the ground, so I picked it up with my sword.”

Three major Napoleon commemorations will take place this year in the lovely region of Champagne-Ardenne including the chance to experience what life was like to be a soldier in Napoleon’s camp.

5 – 6 April : Napoleonic Festival at Tinqueux, Reims

The bicentenary of the Battle of Reims will be remembered with camps, bands, conferences, exhibitions, re-enactment and demonstrations of military strategy, parades, light and sound with the voice of Robert Hossein and two re-enactments of the Battle of Reims.

Find out more: www.tinqueuxfetenapoleon.com

17 – 18 May: Napoleonic Festival at Brienne-le -Château

More than 300 re-enactors at an enormous camp, battle re-enactment of the capture of the castle of Brienne , war game demonstrations , parade, children’s games, and an evening  show outlining the First and Second Empires ( 17 May ) .

Find out More: www.ot-Brienne-le-chateau.com; http://musee-napoleon-brienne.fr; http://rencontres-napoleoniennes.jimdo.com

31 May – 1 June Napoleonic Festival at Montmirail

31 May – Grand re-enactment of the Battle of Montmirail-Marchais 1814, one of the most important battles of the Campaign will take place.  More than 1,000 soldiers & 100 cavalry will take part with rallies, cavalry charges, artillery, field hospital and regimental parades where visitors can experience the daily life at camp of soldiers in the field in what promises to be an awesome event.

1 June – Bicentennial celebration “Campaign of France 1814”, commemorating 1914 Reconciliation with a giant picnic on the battlefield plus entertainment. Pack a basket and a blanket and join in the fun!

Find out more: www.champagne-ardenne-tourism.co.uk; www.montmirail-tourisme.eu; www.1814v4.fr

The full programme of commemorative events is available from local tourist offices or from: http://www.champagne-ardenne-tourism.co.uk

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