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Oingt a gem of the Beaujolais area and day trip from Lyon

Following the Route des vins du Beaujolais, I could not stop admiring the landscapes and view of the countryside. Then I reached a tiny village situated high on a hill in the middle of what is called the Pierres Dorées, or Golden Stones. I fell in love with this place called Oingt at first sight. I have never seen a more charming village with its honey coloured walls and beautifully decorated homes of the locals, craftsmen and artists.

It’s worth planning a trip for this this medieval village…

Village of Oingt – a medieval beauty


Just 30 kilometers northwest from Lyon, Oignt is located in the heart of the Beaujolais region, west of Villefranche-sur-Saone. It’s easy to organize a day out from Lyon. Oingt is officially classified one of the Most Beautiful Villages of France. It is very small with charming narrow streets, decorated houses and links to the medieval times. It is an ideal place for wine lovers. Romans introduced the wine culture here and since then it has been a part of local life. There are several wine shops which offer wine tasting, and good local restaurants with regional specialities that go very well with the local wines.

Oingt has a church and tower on top of the hill. The church was constructed in the 14th century and of the former castle chapel, only the Nizy Gate remains, the main entrance to the village. You can visit it to admire golden wooden statues and a gothic choir. The tower in Oingt was the dungeon of the castle and was built in 1193.

The honey coloured houses are built from local stone and they are a beautiful sight. There are other villages in the vicinity with homes built from this stone. Bagnols with its lovely church and castle. Theizé with its castle and church, this time from the 17th century. Ternand which is located up a hill and surrounded by the village of Châtillon d’Azergues. If you are left with some time you might plan to visit other nearby attractions in the Beaujolais area. How about Jardins du Château de Saint-Bernard which is well worth visiting, located just 8km from Oingt. The Parc du château de Laye and its remarkable garden is just 17km away and  Parc animalier de Courzieu (22km) which I can highly recommend!

Aga Marchewka from Poland loves shopping and travel. After living in the UK she is now discovering France and lives in Lyon. She shares her observations and photos through her lively blog J’adore Lyon.

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