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One day wine tour in the Gers, Gascony

Vineyards with rows of blooming poppies in Gascony, France

Though it may not be as well known as the wines of Bordeaux or Burgundy, the wines of Gascony are some of the best in France. Alongside the famous Armagnac of the Gers, when you visit, don’t miss a chance to visit the vineyards and taste the wonderful wines of the area. Sue Aran of French Country Adventures runs brilliant one day wine tours in Gascony which take in the best of the vineyards and the most delicious wines from famous names to artisans…

Discover the wines of Gascony

Vineyard at dusk, vibrant, healthy vine leaves against a pink skyThe history of wine in the Gers goes back some 2000 years. At the 4th century Gallo-Roman Villa de Seviac in the enchanting village Montréal-du-Gers, a beautiful vine mosaic illustrates perfectly the importance of wine growing in this area.

The Southwest can be divided into three distinct areas. French Country Adventures one day wines tours take in some of the best vineyards in the region.

Wines of the West include Madiran, Jurançon, Béarn and St. Mont. These appellations are influenced by the Pyrénées mountains. Red Madiran wines are legendary. Whilst Jurançon whites are known as the noble wine of French kings thanks to the story that in 1553, Henry IV, later King of France, had garlic rubbed on his lips during his baptism – followed by a few drops of Jurançon sweet wine. The ritual was said to enhance his vigour.

Wines of the East include Gaillac and Marcillac which produce fruity and spicy wines.

Wines from the central zone Cotes de Gascogne are grown on clay and limestone soils. The grape varieties are heavily influenced by Bordeaux. White, red and roses are produced here. They’re known for being fruity and festive. And, the whites are some of the most exported French wines in the world.

Visit Gascony’s vineyards

Two men and a woman showing bottles of wine at a vineyard

On the French Country Adventures Winery Tour you’ll be joined by wine master Tom Fiorina. He’s one of a handful of Americans to be awarded the Diplome National d’Oenologue, a wine-making degree par extraordinaire. You’ll visit stunning, historic and family run vineyards and meet the wine makers plus enjoy fabulous tastings.

Lunch will be in one of south west Gascony’s best restaurants. You’ll enjoy a meal that perfectly illustrates the unique relationship between the land, terroir, and the local cuisine in Gascony. And, you’ll be picked up and dropped off at your hotel or accommodation. So, you can just sit back and enjoy that wonderful wine.

Details of one day wine tour of Gascony and other daily tours: www.frenchcountryadventures.com/daily-detours/

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