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It’s starting to feel like spring is on the way here in the north of France – at least chickens Kim Kardashian and Sophia Loren think so. They are nesting and I have to wrangle with them every morning to get my breakfast eggs. Quite what the neighbours must think when they can hear me calling “Kim Kardashian stop biting me and get out of that box” I don’t know.

Meanwhile as the days are getting lighter, the cockerel twins Reggie and Ronnie Kray (here they are on Instagram) are having early morning crow offs with their relatives Roger Moore, George Clooney and Kendo Nagasaki the ornamental cockerel. Kendo has been with me for more than seven years – he is a serial escaper and no fence is high enough to keep him in. He climbs, ninja-like, over all barriers and just does his own thing. He is currently on vacation and cock-a-doodle-dooing from a pen across the road from my house after he escaped and my neighbours ‘rescued’ him while he was out wandering. Since he seems to be having a fine old time with their girls and I know that he is perfectly capable of escaping and returning when he wants, I figured I’d let him be. We all need a holiday now and again!

Talking of which, I’m starting my 2022 travels next week in lovely Saint Omer, northern France, with a visit to a historic mansion that is like a step back in time, a restaurant opened by a winner of France’s top Chef TV series, a 3D film using the most advanced screen technology in the world at an enormous World War II bunker, boat makers using Viking methods, a brewery in the grounds of a 12th century abbey and heaps more!

You’ll be able to read about it in the next issue of The Good Life France Magazine which will be published in March and which is totally free to subscribe to – sign up via the current issue here – and feel free to share it!

Bisous from my sunny corner of France


ps Photo of Mimosa growing in the hills above Nice, heralding the arrival of spring. Read on my Facebook page how this national tree of Australia came to be in southern France…

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