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Paris Accommodation on a Budget


Ever dreamt of having the city of light at your fingertips without having to pay the excruciating prices for accommodation? Visiting Europe’s capital cities, especially Paris, can deliver the trip of a lifetime. Many of us are stunned to the core by the beautiful buildings, the atmospheric streets and also by the charges imposed by hotels. One way to reduce these costs is to stay near the city. An even better way is to house sit for someone just outside thus securing completely free accommodation!

Paris Accommodation on a Budget

One English woman, who makes her home available for housesitters when she herself goes on holiday, found her ideal location in the French countryside one hour from the capital.  Susan has lived in France for 17 years, always choosing convenient locations within easy reach of the capital. She currently lives in Seine et Marne and says: ‘I love living in the French countryside, fresh air and greenery (away from the maddening crowd) but can also take advantage of what Paris offers.  It’s an hour’s journey by car and I can be at Paris Gare de L’Est by train in 50 minutes (without wrestling traffic, parking fees or negotiating the “péripherique”)’.

Susan lives in Coulommiers, a rural town which is thriving thanks to its location 20 minutes from Disneyland, yet manages to retain its rural character including a farmers market on Sunday and Wednesday selling local produce.  In describing the features of the town, Susan highlights some attractive features of the area where she has chosen to live. ‘There is “La Commanderie des Templiers” which dates back to the 12th Century, with a spectacular structure, a commanding courtyard and pigeon loft, it boasts a garden that grows plants cultivated for medicinal purposes in the medieval period…

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