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Paris In Spring Pictures


I love Paris in the Springtime sang the legendary Ella Fitzgerald. And, if you’ve ever visited on a typical spring day when the sun bursts through the clouds to be followed by a downpour you truly get why though it’s certainly a cliché, Paris in the spring really is quite wonderful.


It’s a time to stroll in a park and enjoy the flowers in colourful bloom. Wipe a chair clear of rain drops and survey the sight of Parisians enjoying a spring day. And take some Paris in spring pictures.


Sip a hot chocolate, coffee or a glass of wine at a quaint café and watch the world go by.


Monuments seem cleansed after the seasonal rain and almost glow when the sky is covered with dark spring clouds, and yet somehow a beam of sunlight manages to get through.


Flower beds surround many of the Paris landmarks and in spring they burst forth into brilliant blossom managing to highlight the beauty of the architecture.


Early in Spring, some trees are just showing green tips, others are in full gorgeous spring bloom. Later Paris is awash with colourful flower beds, window boxes and tubs outside homes, shops and businesses.


Rain, sun, rain – it washes and cleanses and makes everything seem to sparkle, Paris in Spring is simply sublime…

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