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Beautiful Video of Paris France

Paris as the sun goes down

If you’ve never been to Paris and want to know what it really looks like then this beautiful 5 minute video of Paris France will show you… and if you’ve been and you want to remember it how it is, this video will remind you just how stunning the city of light can be.

When Nick Arcivos sent us his latest video, an hommage to Paris, I fell in love with his insider view of the city. Nick and his colleague Ryan Earl produced the film for AmnesiArt, their film and photography company based near Paris.

Nick and Ryan spent three weeks shooting the film and say “we were dedicated to wait for the best light possible to enhance the beauty of Paris.”

As Nick says, the city “perfectly deserves its reputation of city of lights and love” and this short film really shows it. “We wanted to capture the atmosphere that is so specific and special to all the Parisian locations we shot”. Nick told us and that he and Ryan spent 14 hours a day filming. After that it took a further five weeks in the editing room “not an easy process but it was definitely worth it”.

Nick and Ryan’s film “In love in Paris” is a stunning summary of Paris in all its beauty….

Website: Amnesi-Art

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