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Podcast from Paris with author Stephen Clarke, A year in the Merde

Welcome to The Good Life France Podcast.

Our guest in this episode is British author Stephen Clarke who lives in Paris. He has sold more than a million books world-wide including the hugely popular and hilarious Merde series which began with a Year in the Merde based on Stephen’s own experiences in France and with names changed to “avoid embarrassment, possible legal action, and to prevent the author’s legs being broken by someone in a Yves Saint Laurent suit…”

He talks about how a job as a translator at a French dictionary company, translating rude words and slang, led to becoming a best selling writer. He shares his tips for how to find a good restaurant in Paris, get a Parisian attitude with just one word and reveals how the hero of his Merde books, Paul West, is perpetually 27 years old!

We also answer listener’s question – do French people hug? It’s a good question and the answer might surprise you, and it will certainly make you laugh!

You can find out more about Stephen Clarke and all of his books, the Merde series and his fascinating history books here:

Coming up

Coming up in the next podcast we’ll be talking Christmas in France!

We’ve got some fabulous guests lined up for you including Dick and Angel Strawbridge of Escape to the Chateau and Karina of the Chateau de Gudanes.

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