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Yachts are a symbol of luxury. They’re expensive to buy, store and maintain which puts them out of the reach of most people.  Luckily, there are yachts that can be privately chartered if you want to experience the high life on the seas.

Worry About Nothing but Your Enjoyment

As there are several options when it comes to private yacht charter, it is important that you know what you want. Do you want to man your own yacht or have a crew ready to run things so that you can relax? To most, a crewed charter is the best choice, especially if you’re not a qualified sailor (which is most of us). However, there are others who want new experiences, to learn new skills and really get involved in the daily work of a chartered yacht.

So, what are the advantages of choosing a crewed private yacht charter?

Privacy on a crewed yacht

Contrary to what you might think, chartering a crewed yacht doesn’t mean you won’t get the intimate holiday that you wish for. In fact, you’ll hardly notice the crew is there. They’re trained to make sure you get peace and privacy and to show up only when you need them.

With a crew, you get more free time to relax than if you get involved with managing the yacht, which is actually quite hard work.

Top of the Line Service

With a crew on board, you’ll get the support and service that makes this the holiday of a life time. The captain and the crew will share their advice, knowhow and secrets – from island hopping to the best beaches. They’ll also know the best areas for water activities such as diving spots or the safest places to jet ski.

Dining on a crewed private yacht charter is one of the best aspects of the holiday, with a chef always on hand to serve you first-class food whenever you want it.

Play Around in Water

Crewed yachts carry water sports equipment for your use and will pick the best areas for you to get the most benefit and avoid risk.

Yacht Maintenance

One less concern to worry about. The crew on your private yacht charter take charge of this. It’s an important aspect that many overlook, yachts are high maintenance.

A crewed yacht charter’s biggest selling point is the convenience. You can do whatever, whenever without a care in the world. You will have more time for those you are with and less time worrying about the yacht.

Holidays are all about indulging in an escape from reality. So, put your feet up, float off on your dream holiday and let others worry about your trip. Not you.

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