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Provence lavender fields & lavender distillery visit

The Provence region in the south of France borders is famous for its lavender fields which supply some of the most expensive skincare brands in the world. A trip to this region is more than picturesque, it also provides opportunities for visitors to connect with the deep history of the land and visit a lavender distillery…

Visiting the lavender fields of Provence, France

Wander white-sand beaches and  dip into turquoise waters along the coast. Explore hilltop villages with cobbled streets and breath-taking views. Discover verdant vineyards where the wine is like bottled sunshine. And Provence is ripe with centuries-old plants and harvests.

While there’s lots to do around the area, nothing compares to an immersive experience in the province’s famed lavender fields. They are dotted throughout the Luberon Valley and Valensole Plateau, but it’s the Sault Plateau that provides a knockout experience with several miles of  lavender fields. Roussillon, Gordes, and Sault are the most popular lavender field places, and the lavender pathway makes for a fabulous half day of walking around the fields.

Creating Your Own French Lavender Essential Oil

Surrounded by lavender fields, Aroma Plants Distillery allows tourists to harvest and distil lavender into essential oil. Many farms restrict entry  so this is a rare chance have the chance to cut your own bushel of lavender, learn about the crop and the history of the region and distil your lavender – the perfect souvenir. English language workshops are available for group tours and TripUSAFrance tours always include a visit here.

“There’s just something about this place” says Julia Girard-Gervois of TripUSAFrance. “It’s uplifting to see the lavender blooms reaching up to the sun, filling the air with that  wonderful fragrance. It’s an experience that lives in your memory forever, it really is that special.”

You can only harvest this plant in July which makes experiencing the lavender fields that much more extraordinary. A fleeting but beautiful way to get to know Provence…

Find out about Provence lavender field tours at TripUSAFrance

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