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Pruneaux à la crème

Prunes with cream in a glass

This recipe for prunes and cream or as the French say pruneaux à la crème, is super simple, and utterly delicious, it’s one everyone should try!

Ingredients:Serves 6-8

3 dozen prunes (pitted, extra-large variety)
1 Litre/4 cups good red port
230g/1 cup sugar
1 piece vanilla bean
Whipped cream
Macaroons or biscuits


Soak the prunes in 500ml/2cups of port for at least 24-hours.

After 24-hours, add this to a pan and add another 500ml/2cups of port, the sugar and vanilla bean.

Let this simmer gently for about 30mins, then transfer to a container and refrigerate for 3-days. Don’t be tempted to skip this and rush to serve it, the flavour is developed and mellows, making it so much richer and nicer!

After the prunes have matured, it’s time to serve them.

Whip the cream, you can add just a little sugar to sweeten if you like.

To serve the prunes, place them in a bowl, and top with the whipped cream, and then some crushed macaroons or biscuits.

You can garnish the bowls with crystallised violets, candied citrus peel, or a sprig of mint.

Kit Smyth is a retired chef with a passion for French cuisine. Originally from Australia, Kit is dedicated to exploring both old and new ingredients, techniques and styles, and developing recipes for home cooks, she also teaches these recipes online and in-person. Find out more at her website: TheBiteLine

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