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Puy du Fou – Noces de Feu night-time show

Ballet dancers in a lake at Puy du Fou theme park

The Noces de Feu show at the incredible Puy dy Fou theme park is unique and truly incredible. How to describe this show? It’s not easy. Fantasy, fairy tales and fire…

As night falls and the sun dips behind the castles and Roman coliseum in the historic park, visitors flock to the take their seats on benches that run around a big lake.

A magical night-time show

Poster for Noces de Feu night time water show at the Puy du Fou theme park

I arrived at Puy du Fou on a Friday evening. I made my way to the onsite Hotel Le Grand Siècle modelled on and looking very like the Palace of Versailles. Dumping my bags off I headed straight to the park to go to the show which French newspapers had been raving about. As a hotel guest, I had an “Emotion Pass” which fast tracks you into shows.

Around a small lake, an eager audience sat to await the start of the show which occurs when it gets dark.
A pavillion in a lake, lit up as a dancer plays a violin at the Puy du Fou theme park

It’s a wedding ceremony water show like no other. It involves ballet performed on the surface of a lake and wonderful classic music. There are numerous special events that make you disbelieve your own eyes. You’ll see a life sized golden coach emerge from the water pulled by giant swans. A full size grand piano  rises up from the lake, complete with pianist. A floating violinist, diving footmen, a giant organ spouting fire, a floating apparition that made the crowd gasp in surprise. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. It’s a whirlwind of magic, totally bewitching, breathtakingly beautiful.

A fiery fairy tale

The story tells how a violinist muse and virtuoso pianist celebrate their eternal love in a fairyland of water and fire. This was my first show at Puy du Fou and what an introduction it was.  It’s all in French but you can download an app on your mobile phone, stick your earphones in (take your own) and hear it in English. I didn’t listen much at all, it was so spellbinding I simply watched in awe and enjoyed the wonderful music.

I asked one of the staff afterwards – how on earth does this work? She wouldn’t tell me, it’s a closely guarded secret. Part illusion, part technical: 100% magic.

Practical information

Puy du Fou is in Les Epesses, Vendée, Pays de la Loire, western France. You can take a train from Paris to Angers then a shuttle bus direct to the park.

Tip: The Puy du Fou shuttle bus leaves from just in front of Quai A (bus stop A) at the bus station (gare routiere to the left as you exit the station) If you have time, take a wander in Angers, it’s a short walk from the station to the castle and the old town.

If you go to Puy du Fou by car, there’s plenty of parking on site.

There are several onsite hotels and several restaurants – all with historic themes.

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Details and tickets: puydufou.com/france/en

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