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Ready, Ferry, Go to France!

It’s the annual British Ferry Fortnight event and we speak to AFerry, winner of the “World’s Leading Ferry Website” award to get the lowdown on ferry travel to France…

Find out more about the event which this year takes the theme “Ferry First Timers” for National Ferry Fortnight with Discover Ferries (5th – 19th March 2016) with AFerry’s ‘ferry bible‘; everything that you ever wanted to know about European ferry travel.

Why do we like travelling by ferry?

Britain’s top ferry operators carried more than 8.6 million cars during 2015*, 1.3% up on 2014 with continental ferry sailings proving resilient.  So why do so many of us like travelling by ferry?

  • No luggage restrictions – the kitchen sink can travel with you!
  • Fido can come too!
  • Less time spent at passport control.
  • Huge range of routes and companies to choose from.
  • Book on the move via AFerry.co.uk’s apps for both Android and iPhone. If you download the app before 30th June, you’ll automatically be put into a draw to win an iPad PRO.
  • With families expanding more, it’s often more cost effective to travel by car and ferry than by air plus there’s no baggage fees.
  • European motorways tend to be a lot less crowded than those in the UK and travelling by car makes it easier to explore at your leisure.
  • Bookings can be amended or changed on the road with AFerry’s app and iPad app access.
  • Fill up in a hypermarket near your embarkation port and take advantage of the cheaper prices – whether its cheeses or patisseries or local delicacies and wines.

*Figures from Ferrystat via Discover Ferries

Helpful tips for travelling with your pet!

To help ease the anxiety around travelling with a pet, AFerry.co.uk has come up with some top tips and information about travelling safely and happily with Fido or Felix on-board.  In this dog versus cat debate however, it’s Fido who rules the waves. Over 15,000 pets travelled safely during 2015 with bookings via AFerry.  Our AFerry Godmother’s top six tips are:

  1. Double check which ferries allow you to take your pet with you on board or whether they have to stay in the car.
  2. See which companies require a dog to wear a muzzle.
  3. Arrive at the port in good time to a) give a last walk before sailing and b) to settle down prior to boarding.
  4. Don’t feed Fido too much food before travel to avoid any seasickness or anxiety but do provide an ample supply of water. Excessive panting and drooling may mean your dog is overheating.
  5. Crank your windows open for fresh air and a cooling breeze if your pet needs to stay in the car. Your car can become like an oven in hot weather.
  6. Don’t let your dog stick his head out of the window as passing vehicles could injure him.

And remember, despite having their own passports, most doggies are not allowed to travel alone!

Six ferry do’s and don’ts

  1. Do your research!: Always look for the best deals around by using AFerry’s comparison website. Using their mobile apps for both Android and iPhone/iPad, you can even amend your bookings or switch return dates without fuss and panic.
  2. Have all your documents to hand:  When queuing to embark on the ferry, have all your documents to hand as you will need them.  Don’t hide them away in a handbag or luggage that you can’t reach.
  3. Ferry Bag:  Pack everything you might need for the ferry journey in a ferry bag before you leave home.  Baby wipes and nappies, bottles, games, books etc.  Don’t leave it until you are in the car seconds away from boarding.
  4. Water and walkies:  Make sure your pet is looked after – if you are early at the port, take Fido for a walkies. On some ferries, Fido can come upstairs with you in special designated areas. On others, you need to leave him in the car so ensure he has adequate supplies of water, good ventilation and feels happy and secure.
  5. Vets abroad:  When travelling around Europe with your best furry friend, do some research on vets in the area – you never know when you might need them.
  6. Driving abroad:  On disembarking when travelling in Europe, always have your toll money to hand, your driving licence and your car will need a GB sticker, a warning triangle and headlamp adjustment, make sure you check the rules of the road before travelling.

Find out more about some great offers for National Ferry Fortnight here

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