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Reasons France continues to attract high tourist numbers each year

France is the most visited nation on earth. This is no mere coincidence – there are many reasons that France continues to attract record visitor numbers. Official statistics from accommodation providers indicate that many of the visitors are of German, Spanish, and Italian origin.

The City of Light

Paris, the French capital is one of the biggest draws for anyone looking to visit France. It is estimated that the city receives more than 30,000,000 visitors from all corners of the world each year. These numbers top the visitor numbers of any other capital city. But what makes Paris so attractive? Is it the iconic Eiffel tower, the Louvre Museum, stunning Parisian architecture, or the romantic image associated with the city? The truth is that a combination of all this makes it the most popular city for visitors.

The Variety of Mountains, Sun, and the Sea

More French tend to travel within France than take overseas holidays to exotic international locales. Why? France has everything that any visitor would like to see including visitors from within France. From pristine countryside to snow-covered mountains and sandy beaches the huge range of landscapes is enormously diverse – even for the French. As any tour operator will tell you, each region in France has something unique to offer. And each region you visit has its own unique appeal from great cities like Marseille, Lyon, and Paris to the rolling countryside of Auvergne and Burgundy. France really does have something for everyone.

Strategic Location

Another factor contributes to France’s appeal is location. For instance, UK residents only need to take a ferry to cross the Channel to get away from unreliable summers in the UK. Tourists from other countries such as Germany have only a short trip to France. Though not all visitors are there for the scenery, some are just passing through on their way to other destinations, but still the location is a factor.

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