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Recipe for barbecued beetroot and beet slaw with hazelnuts

Plate of beet slaw and barbecued beetroot with a creamy sauce

This is a really easy, really tasty and fresh way to serve beetroot with style. I learned this recipe in the French Alps, at the mouth-watering gourmet food festival of Thones near Annecy: the Salon Gastronomique Palais Gourmand. It’s held every autumn for three days and is without doubt, a truly scrumptious event. At the outdoor cookery lesson in the sun, the aromas of the food carried on a light autumn breeze over the mountains, this festival is a foodie paradise. And this recipe is absolutely delicious and perfect for barbecue days.

Ingredients for 4

4 Cooked red beets/beetroots
2 raw red beets/beetroots
Olive oil and hazelnut oil
200ml Cream 200 ml
Pinch of fine
Pinch of pepper
100g of roasted hazelnuts (Piedmont are perfect)

To make

Peel the raw beets and wrap each of them baking paper drizzled with olive oil and a pinch of salt and pepper. Wrap baking foil around them and pop into the embers to cook for 45 minutes.

Meanwhile prepare the beet slaw. Peel and cut into fine pieces (julienne-style) and place in a bowl.

Make a sauce to go with the beet slaw. Mix the cream a drizzle of hazelnut oil and seasoning.  salt and pepper.

Slice the cooked beet and place on the plates with some beet salad, pour the sauce and sprinkle the hazelnuts over.

Deliciously fresh and tasty!

Recipe from Julien Valero chef of Le Marcel restaurant in Annecy, Haute-Savoie

Details of the Salon Gastronomique Palais Gourmand

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Details of the Salon Gastronomique Palais Gourmand

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