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Recipe for barbecued caramel salted toffee apples

barbecued apply filled with toffee sweets

This has to be one of the easiest deserts to make. Ever. And if you love barbecues and toffee apples – you’ll love this.

I first made it in Thones in the Annecy Mountains. I was lucky enough to be at the annual gourmet food festival, a seriously delicious event, heaps of fun and very inspiring. I joined an outdoor cookery lesson with top chef Julien Valero of Le Marcel restaurant in Annecy.

We created a 3-course meal in a very short time but it had wow factor by the bucket load.

“We start with dessert” he said as he gave us each an apple, a handful of toffees, “some to eat while we cook”, and a knob of butter. That was it. Hmm I thought, I can’t see where this is going at all. But minutes later we had our dessert roasting on a barbecue and oh la la, it was scrumptious!

Ingredients (for 4 people)

4 apples
4 salted butter caramels
40g butter


Apple wrapped in foil ready to go onto the barbecue

Preheat your Barbecue.

Wash apples  and core them. Keep the core whole as you’re going to use it later!

Cut one end off of the core (about an inch) and “Plug” the bottom of the apple then place the apple on a round of baking paper inside a round of silver foil (aluminium paper)

Drop a toffee inside the apple and put the butter across the top. Wrap the apple in foil and cook it on the barbecue for 20 minutes (plug side down), 15 minutes in a closed barbecue.

Dig in.

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