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Regional dishes of Brittany


Brittany is famous for its gastronomic produce.

Brittany’s greatest French cuisine claim to fame is the creation of the crêpe – a sweet pancake, and the galette – a savoury pancake. Buckwheat is grown widely in Brittany and is the staple of the pancake and is particularly good when making savoury stuffed galettes – these light, tasty pancakes can be filled with every sort of stuffing imaginable whatever takes your fancy but they are particularly nice with bacon and mushroom as a breakfast treat.

Thanks to the vast array of coast line Brittany has a great reputation for seafood with oysters and scallops being a firm favourite in the restaurants and if you order the assiette de fruits de mer you’ll likely find much of the seafood piled high and looking gorgeous – much of it will be raw which can only be offered thanks to the extreme freshness of the food.

Brittany Ferries which operates the ferry route between the UK and the West Coast of France was originally established to carry artichokes and cauliflowers grown extensively in the region from Roscoff to Plymouth and these vegetables are still a staple of Breton cooking.

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