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Review of Exploring Wine Regions – Bordeaux

Front of book called Exploring Wine Regions - Bordeaux showing a vineyard and castle

“Discover wine, food, castles and the French Way of life” it reads on the cover of Exploring Wine Regions – Bordeaux. It’s an apt and accurate summary of what’s inside this superb, almost 500 page long book.

Michael Higgins, the author and photographer has delved deep into the heart of Bordeaux –  the city, the region, it’s towns and villages, it’s wine producers, domaines and vineyards, restaurants, hotels and wine shops. It is a tour de force…

Exploring Wine Regions – Bordeaux

This is a book for those who love Bordeaux and its wines, love France and the French way of life, and especially for those who plan to visit Bordeaux. The author’s passion for his topic shines through, and he left no grape unturned in his pursuit of the very best of Bordeaux.

The wine growing areas of Bordeaux are covered in detail. But it’s not just about the domaines and the wines but what to see and do in the area. Michael explains why he chose specific domaines for you to visit, detailing what makes their wine tastings great, for example – “tastings in an ancient pigeon house” at Chateau d’Agassac, Médoc.

He includes historical anecdotes that are enthralling and bring the history and know-how of a domaine to life. I was fascinated to read that Chateau Gruard Larose for instance in Médoc was where Thomas Jefferson went to learn about wines. And that Jacobin monks in Saint-Émilion built walls round vineyards which gave them the classification “clos”. And he weaves the history with the stories of modern day producers to give a knowledgeable and absorbing insight into the world of wine.

Wanderlust guaranteed

You don’t have to be a wine expert to enjoy this book, it’s for everyone. But it will give you an expert’s views of wine and reveal the extraordinary uniqueness of Bordeaux.

I loved the hotel descriptions. There are several that made me think, I would go to Bordeaux just to stay in them. Add in the castles, the picturesque villages, wine and way of life and you have an irresistible urge to go there. This is a book that will fuel your wanderlust for France.

And the photos are wonderful. Vineyards, castles, areas of outstanding beauty, delicious dishes and stunning architecture.

Exploring Wine Regions – Bordeaux is a pictorial romp through Bordeaux that will leave you wanting to taste those wines and discover the city, the towns and villages and vineyards for yourself.

Publisher: International Exploration Society

Available at exploringwineregions.com and Amazon

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