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Review of Little Noelle’s Christmas Wish


The story of a little girl born on Christmas Day who lives in Paris, this charming book for children is full of lovely drawings and weaves an enchanting tale. The book is in English with a sprinkling of festive French words, just enough to add a soupcon of French flair to the tale.

Little Noelle’s Christmas Wish

The girl is named Little Noelle and she loves her family and her cat Minou, but most of all she loves going to make a Christmas Wish on her birthday at the Eiffel Tower. Every Christmas after dinner and the sharing of gifts, she and Papa walk to the famous tower in the heart of Paris and Little Noelle makes wishes to keep her family safe and especially Papa who works as a pilot.

One Christmas, her faith in her wishes is tested when her Papa doesn’t come home in time for their annual Eiffel Tower visit and Little Noelle  runs away to look for him…

The pictures are a delight, illustrator Rose Bechtold perfectly captures the fairy tale-like nature of Paris at Christmas, the Eiffel Tower twinkling against a snowy Champs de Mars and little Noelle and her family in their Paris apartment.

It’s a happy ending of course, author and Francophile Meg McNamara has written a really sweet story for children, perfect for mums and dads to read to their kids. My 8 year old absolutely loved it, though she now wants to go to see the Eiffel Tower on Christmas Day and make a wish!

Adults and kids alike will love this entrancing story, the perfect stocking filler gift.

Available from Amazon and other outlets, find details here: www.littlenoelleschristmaswish.com

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