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Sampling France’s Regional Foods with Belle France – Tour de Cuisine


Belle France are renowned travel specialists that offer walking, cycling and cruise holidays throughout France’s many regions. As true Francophile’s they know the importance of good food and drink to any visit to France. That’s why they have created the Tour de Cuisine, an interactive map that allows you to explore the different flavours from each region, of some of the best food and beverages that France has to offer.

Check out some of the outstanding regional French cuisine experiences you could enjoy should you take the chance below:

Bordeaux, South-western France

For wine connoisseurs, the name Bordeaux immediately conjures up images of the regions’ wines which are known and loved the world over.  Such an accolade is rightly deserved and would be enough of an achievement in its own right, and yet Bordeaux has so much more to offer.

The region is also widely known as being the spiritual home of good, honest food and a style of cuisine that makes the most of the seafood, poultry and livestock produced in the area.

A tour of the Bordeaux region will also afford you beautiful sweeping views of the vineyards that are synonymous with the famed wine growing region.

Renowned Bordeaux cuisine includes terrines and pates developed in the area such as foies gras, duck confit and wild duck pate. The area’s cuisine is famed for utilising all parts of the animal and vegetables when cooking. Its fine food that is a perfect accompaniment to the range of fantastic wines produced locally.

Provence, South-eastern France

wine of franceThe region of Provence in south-eastern France is an historical area that stretches out from the French border with Italy in the West and the lower bank of the lower Rhone River in the southeast. The area is also bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the South and it is this remarkable geographical mixture that makes its cuisine so unique.

Provence is the home of the French Riviera but its food is anything but ostentatious luxury. The region boasts its own distinctive rustic and homely cuisine that shows flashes of Italian influences through its use of ingredients such as olives, garlic, and tomatoes.

Provence’ most famous dish is the renowned fish soup known as Bouillabaisse although another popular dish originating from the area as well, Ratatouille, may strongly beg to differ! The Provencal stewed vegetable dish originates from Nice and both would definitely be worth enjoying in their authentic taste in the region they were originally created.


Despite being a bustling urban metropolis and one of the smallest culinary regions in France, the French capital is still the hub of cuisine in the country.

Paris is well known for being home to some of the finest restaurants in the world but foodies will also love exploring the tastes offered by the city’s variety of cafes, patisseries, and bakeries. The French capital also hosts several open-air markets during the year where farmers offer stalls showcasing the best produce from regions across the country.

Paris is another must visit on any culinary holiday experience as it is the birthplace of classic nouvelle and haute cuisine.  Packed full of restaurants that offer the best food in France in both formal or a more relaxed dining setting, there’s loads of delicious pastry and confectionary you will also have to remember to leave room for as well!

The regions and delicacies featured above are just a snapshot of what you can expect from a country blessed with such an abundance of culinary delights, rich history and wonderful views and vistas.

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