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School insurance in France

If your children go to school in France, at the start of each school year, as parents you may be required to provide proof that they are covered for any damages they may cause to a third party.  In theory the insurance is not mandatory and when your child is in school, it is the responsibility of the institution and the school to have insurance. However, the school is entitled to demand a guaranteed Assurance Scolaire for all school trips or off the premises activities and schools may refuse your child to participate if you don’t have insurance.

There is a lot of competition amongst insurance companies to get your business so search for the best options – the internet is a great way to find details and if you use your Google translate bar it will help to find offers from French insurers who don’t offer an English-language service.

Assurance Scolaire should cover the liability of your child (for damage caused to a third party) and may cover some costs if your child suffers from an accident.  You can specify a warranty to cover your child’s time travelling to and from school or for 24 hours a day.

You may find that your housing insurance policy has a special clause to cover your child during his school activities and after school, but usually the family insurance is not adequate and school administration staff are generally more than happy to offer advice if you need it. The French Government website for education and school life has more information.

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