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Spring in Narbonne France

narbonne france

In 2012, the Languedoc Roussillon region experienced the coldest winter in 50 years. This was perfectly timed with my family dismantling an ancient boiling system in our home and having absolutely no heating other than an open fire which smoked us out all the time.

Since then we have been prepared with our huge stock of logs and new fangled heating system and tons of jumpers and scarves in preparation, and in a way I was really looking forward to it. I quite like the coziness of winter and the thought of hot chocolates and roaring log fires. Doesn’t everyone?

Not a chance. Not one flake of snow, just three days of rain over the whole winter, the weather, despite our expectations – has been absolutely gorgeous. All those woolly jumpers have been barely worn.

narbonne france

The Almond blossom has been awesome and already the iris’s and Broom are peeking out and as for the Mimosa, it is mind blowingly gorgeous and it does take my mind off the fact that I am missing all those lovely quintessential English daffodils and bluebells.

narbonne franceWhilst you can’t actually go swimming in the sea here yet,  you can certainly spend a lovely morning whiling away the time on the beach and then head up to the Pyrennees for a bit of afternoon skiing if you so wish!

Any time is perfect for a visit to the historic Roman city of Narbonne, where famous French singer Charles Trenet was born, but in the spring a stroll down the newly pedestrianized streets, followed by a coffee by the Roman Road in front of the Historic Town Hall is just brilliant. We’ll tip toe around the cloisters of the Cathedral and check out the magical whispering room in the Treasury. We’ll stop for lunch  in the amazing covered food Market, with one of the best bistros in France. Peruse the markets (every Sunday and Thursday) and haggle over straw baskets, graze on artisan goats cheese and nibble on Filet Mignon.


Who says spring isn’t a fantastic time to visit this little corner of the Languedoc…?

Find out more: Narbonne Tourist Office website

Honor Marks runs the Maison de La Roche, Languedoc-Roussillon

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