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Strasbourg Christmas Markets

Strasbourg Christmas market at night

Strasbourg Christmas markets: For many people, Strasbourg is the centre of the Christmas Market universe!

A Christkindelsmärik, Christmas market, has been held by the beautiful Cathedral of Strasbourg for centuries – since 1570 and it is one of the oldest Christmas Markets in Europe.

There are a dozen Christmas markets in Strasbourg in total – they certainly make the most of this festive time of year and around 2 million visitors will arrive in the town between 24 November and 24 December when the markets and festivities take place in the surroundings of this historic and culturally rich city.

Each year Strasbourg invites a “guest of honour” either from France or overseas. The visitors creates their traditional Christmas  market in the city centre, where a selection of typical products is on display with culinary specialities, local crafts and traditional songs and sometimes dancing.

Strasbourg christmas markets

The Big Christmas Tree, Christmas by moonlight

Strasbourg boast’s the tallest natural Christmas tree in Europe at over 30m high. Adorned with decorations and lights, at its base lies the traditional, illuminated Alsace Christmas village.

Find it at Place Kléber.

Strasbourg City Christmas lights

Strasbourg Christmas market stalls

Streets, houses, church facades, windows, and balconies – all shine with a thousand lights and colours. Soft music plays, there are pine tree branches scenting the air and a path of lights and dazzling rosettes guide you towards the Christmas Markets and the shop-lined streets flooded by lights – a magical atmosphere and sight.

The Village of Bredle (Alsatian Christmas biscuits) and Couronne d’Or Winegrowers

Christmas means presents, but also biscuits and wine and on place d’Austerliz, you will discover all sorts of Bredle (Leckerli, Kokosmakrone, Mandelkucher, aniseed star and gingerbread) and famous Alsacian Wines – not to be missed!

Bakers and pastry chefs from Strasbourg and the region share their know-how and talent and help you discover Bredles, an emblematic product of the culinary heritage of Alsace, in every imaginable shape.

The “Couronne d’or” vineyard spreads over 19 towns around Strasbourg, on the Vosges’ foothills. It’s one of the oldest and more famous vineyards of Alsace. The Christmas market is a great chance to taste the famous Alsacian wines – guaranteed to get you in a Christmas mood.

Check opening times and more details of the Strasbourg Office of Tourism website.

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