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Take Cues From French Interior Design Trends For A Stunning French Home

Gilded head board of a bed, very French style

Typing the hashtag #interiordesign into Instagram will yield over 14 million results, with vintage and post-modernism coming in as the top two styles for people all over the world. While not necessarily a part of either category, French style combines a little bit of everything that makes interior design so beautiful and intriguing. Whether you’ve just returned home from yet another trip to the French countryside, are dreaming of days spent in a Paris cafe on a rainy day, or are simply looking for ways to decorate your new French home according to local style, here are a few timeless tips that French interior designers recommend.

Have Fun Incorporating The Rich History

As a Francophile, or at the very least an ex-pat in France, you’ve probably fallen in love with the country’s rich history. The great thing about purchasing property in France is that most homes come with a history dating all the way back to the 17th and 18th centuries. When decorating your home, don’t be afraid to incorporate this history into your interior design and take advantage of the existing layout. If your home features elaborate ceiling molding, for example, try to preserve and highlight this feature by avoiding recess lighting. If it boasts large French doors between your living room and kitchen, find unique ways to merge the iconic character and elegance of the space with practical luxury.

Don’t Try Too Hard

As you’ve probably noticed about the French and their impressive culture, they are effortlessly stylish and so are their homes. “The French adopt the same laissez-faire attitude towards interiors as they do with their style,” noted Marissa Cox, a Brit-turned-Parisian behind a popular French lifestyle and interior design blog. Feel free to adopt the same attitude and feel encouraged to mix vintage with new and special, modern nicknacks with old vintage travel finds. This might be a little easier than you think, as you’ve probably got a lot of fun travel photos you can use to create a decorative photo collage in the salon next to vintage photos of the French countryside. While they might not seem like an obvious pairing, that’s exactly what laissez-faire French style is all about.

Find Your Personal Style

One famous interior designer noted that the three secrets to decorating like the French are being aware that perfection doesn’t exist in French homes, knowing how to mix different styles from different time periods, and being confident in whatever choices you make. Learning how to craft your own personal style will come with some trial and error, and it is that process that is so delicately and deliciously French. Sooner or later you’ll take a look around your new home and notice it’s more French than you’ve realised, and also that it feels more like you than ever before.

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