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The Eiffel Tower in a podcast

This episode of The Good Life France podcast is about a world record breaker. An unusual, unique beauty. A towering icon that’s as hard as iron… I am of course talking about the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

The Eiffel Tower in a Podcast

The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower isn’t just a symbol of Paris, it is a symbol of France. But this wasn’t supposed to happen. The Tower shouldn’t even be there. We have to go back in time to the beginning of her story to find out why the Iron Lady, la Dame de Fer as she is known in France, is even there in the first place! And then we’ll share some of the incredible facts about this lofty legend.

Did you know that one of her competitors as center piece for the grand Paris fair she was designed for, was a 300m high guillotine? Yes really. How she was almost sent to Montreal in Canada – all 2.5 million rivets and 18,000 pieces! Find out how a conman ‘sold’ her for scrap. Discover who the first famous visitors were – Buffalo Bill was amongst them! And find out how Gustave Eiffel made an absolutely fortune from the Eiffel Tower! Plus a whole heap more! It’s an amazing story…

Plus a listener asks “I’m coming to France for the first time to spend Christmas in Paris and I’m so excited – but I want to know is it true that in France you don’t tip the servers in restaurants?” We reveal all…

Brit Janine Marsh, author of three international best-selling books about life in France where she lives, and new book How to be French – a celebration of the French lifestyle and art de vivre – a celebration of the French way of life, and Frenchman Olivier Jauffrit of radio Paris Chanson, share everything France and more through this podcast…

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