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The Good Life France Newsletter September 2013 (1)

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Here in the north of France we are experiencing an “Indian Summer “and it is glorious… warm days of blue skies and beaming sunshine, cool nights and misty mornings.

I love September – it’s the time of La Rentrée in France – everyone goes back to work, school, normality after the long hot summer and holidays, the crowds thin out in the tourist spots and everyone seems to have a buzz of energy.

I wish you all a Bonne Rentrée where ever you are!

This week’s newsletter brings you links to lots of fabulous features:

French fashion style takes a dive – French law requires men to wear Speedo type swimming trunks in public pools – no we’re not kidding, it’s absolutely true!

Ile de Ré – the chic and lovely little island off La Rochelle – even the donkeys wear funky trousers here!

Big Cheese – Mont d’Or: This squishy, gooey, velvety rich, woody cheese is not available all year round in France – you can only buy it from 10 September to 10 May and it’s nearly time for this year’s batch to hit the shops!

We love Brittany! From the gorgeous beaches and dramatic coastline to the rolling hills and picturesque villages – Brittany is the peaceful haven of France and we have great photos to prove it!

Paris Waiters Race – you may never had heard of the legendary sport of the racing waiters which started over a century ago but here in France its feted and next year it will be back in Paris where it belongs!

Paris in Black and White – talking of Paris, here it is in black and white as seen by four of the most Iconic photographers of their time…

Socca – not the game, this is a super food from Nice in the south of France!

Enjoying the Wildlife of France – lizards, snakes, deer, birds, bats and insects – the fields and gardens of Le Mans in France are filled with a myriad of wonderful wild life…

Dream come True Le Touquet “It’s like living in Trumpton” he said, I knew what he meant… reminiscences of a perfect Sunday in France…

A day in the life of the French Cat – 100 purr-cent gorgeous and loving life in France – a day in the life of a very funny and charismatic French cat!

Perfect Paris Vintage shop – if you love vintage and bric a brac and eccentricity – you’ll love this little shop in Montmartre!

Renovating the hall – The before and after photos of a major renovation project – and that’s only one room!

My Birthday – I celebrated my birthday and five years in France with a think about how my life has changed in that time…

Amiens Rederie – missed the Lille Braderie? No worries, we have the Amiens Rederie coming up on 6th October – it’s big and beautiful!

Toulouse in the Pink – the Pink City reviewed and it is definitely deserving of a visit for the food, architecture and the buzz…

French Cherry Cake recipe – looking for that perfect desert to wow every one this weekend? This authentic and easy gateau aux cerises will have you rushing for the mixing bowl to create the yummy, piquant, delicious, melt in your mouth cake!

Wishing you all a bon weekend,

A bientôt


Editor – Rédacteur en Chef
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