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The Good Life France Podcast

Everything you want to know about France and more… in a podcast.

Janine Marsh, Editor of The Good Life France and author of  best-selling memoirs about life in France with unruly chickens, dogs, cats, ducks and geese, quirky neighbours and the joys of renovation and Olivier Jauffrit the vintage French music expert at Radio Paris Chanson – have teamed up to make a podcast!

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Stories of life in France featuring animals, neighbours, Bread Man who delivers the bread, croissants and irresistible cakes to Janine’s village each week, Spice Man, Fish Man and nonagenarian Claudette, the wisest woman in the Seven Valleys, northern France.

Interviews with special guests – writers, travel experts, tour guides, chefs, comedians, and people who know and love France.

It’s a free show with new episodes every fortnight.

The Good Life France Podcast will start in September 2022

Where can you listen?

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