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The Legendary Cabarets of Paris France

Moulin Rouge cabaret in paris

Cabaret in Paris is famous. It’s about more than can-can dancing, though that may be a big part of its allure. It’s not just about frills and feathers, tassels and stockings, bling and beads. To the French, it’s an art form that celebrates the beauty of the human body (yes there are topless and scantily clad women involved), dance, music and the magic of a fabulously choreographed, theatrical performance and opulent costumes…

Liberté, fraternité, egalité, partee

In Paris, more than anywhere else in the world, cabaret is revered as living art. Here’s where to see some of the best and most traditional cabarets in the city.

The Moulin Rouge

The most famous cabaret in the world, it’s been creating a sensation since 1889. Go here to discover a whirlwind of legs in the air, reminders of the Belle Époque and the ghost of Toulouse Lautrec. Dinner show or revue only is available and the Cancan dances are still the most popular event after more than 100 years. Moulin Rouge

Crazy Horse

This cabaret show has been causing a sensation for 65 years. The perfectly proportioned dancers with deep red lipstick and endless heels, present a show of tantalising sensuality and outrageous glamour. This the most risqué of the main five cabarets listed here. The actress Demi Moore went to Crazy Horse to seek inspiration for her performance in the film Striptease. Crazy Horse

Le Lido

Dazzling costumes, singing and dancing and a full orchestra are what you get at the Lido. It makes for a unique performance with a hint of Burlesque and acrobatic performance. There are stunning special effects involving a swimming pool and ice skating rink. You’ll enjoy a gastronomic menu here at the place for which the concept of the dinner show was invented. Lido

César Palace

This cabaret presents a revue that’s famous for its cancan, glitter and glitz. Start the evening with an exceptional dinner, then sit back and enjoy classic French songs, lavish dancing and a touch of humour. César Palace

Folies Bergères

One one of Paris’s oldest cabarets, and popular with famous artists such as Toulouse-Lautrec and  Manet. Josephine Baker and Charlie Chaplin performed here and today’s performances continue to include international artists, singers, dancers and comedians. Folies Bergeres

Au Lapin Agile

Music and song only at this cabaret in Montmartre – the perfect place for a sing-along as the audience are encouraged to join in the drinking songs! Edith Piaf style and classic French songs are the order of the day here. The Lapin Agile has been going for 150 years and is kitsch and charming. Au Lapin Agile

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