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The most gorgeous Paris at Christmas video

Paris, Montmartre at Christmas looking festive

Paris is known as the City of Lights but at Christmas it turns into the City of fairy lights.

Strings of lights hang from the trees in wide avenues, beautiful boulevards and cobbled side streets. Shops and department stores vie with each other to create magical displays, Christmas market stalls teem with gourmet food and artisan gifts. The Eiffel Tower sparkles, Notre Dame twinkles and everywhere you go you’ll discover something beautiful to fall head over heels for.

The most beautiful Christmas in Paris video

We love this video by Paris photographer Wazim. The time lapse photo project of Christmas in Paris is composed of thousands of beautifully photographed images created over a three week period, the film is strikingly atmospheric, full of dazzling colours and exquisitely made, for those who wonder what Christmas in Paris really looks like – this is the video for you…

Find out more: Wazim-Photos.com; Wazim on Instagram @wazou_75

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