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Front cover of The Good Life France Magazine Spring 2022, spring in Paris

The last couple of years have been tough in the travel industry and at The Good Life France, we put our quarterly magazine on hold as we also held our breath and hoped things would get better.

Meanwhile we continued to publish great content on our website, where we reach circa 1.5million readers per month, and aimed to help our audience to keep dreaming of the chance to travel and to visit France once more.

On 18 March 2022 we relaunched The Good Life France Magazine. We moved to a new platform to make it easier to collect analytics and we worked with a new designer. What didn’t change was the great content about France, and fabulous photos that our readers have always loved.

We’re absolutely thrilled to have reached more than one million readers for this newly relaunched issue – within 6 weeks. And the number is climbing.

Our platform host, which includes some of the biggest names in the publishing world including the Guardian, Time, BBC magazines etc., has confirmed that no other magazine about France has as wide a reach as The Good Life France Magazine.

We’d like to thank our partners/advertisers who have helped make this possible and stuck with us through the tough times or joined up with us more recently, believing in our vision to provide a high quality, professional magazine to reach a highly targeted, engaged audience – for free: magazine.thegoodlifefrance.com

The magazine is digital and though we considered print, we feel that this is a more sustainable and ecological way to reach readers of this volume.

We’re always keen to chat about opportunities to reach our audience and to know about wonderful places to visit and great stories we know our readers will love…

May, 2022

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