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The perfect Wine and Armagnac tour of Gascony

vineyards of gascony

Unleash your spirit of adventure on a guided, custom tour of Gascony where you’ll taste the wonderful wines and famous Armagnac of this sunny southwest region of France.

Wine and Armagnac Enthusiasts Adventure

Join a two-day tour to taste the spirit of Gascony tucked away in the southwest corner of France. This is a land where time has not spoiled its beauty and heritage. You’ll learn about the famous Armagnac and taste the best wines in the company of oenologist Tom Fiorina, an expat American. You’ll visit charming, local, family-run wineries and Armagnac distilleries and get to know the history and process of production. Tom will explain the fine points of local varietals, vintages and appellations so you get a fabulous understanding of how wine making is central to the way of life in Gascony.

You will also enjoy dégustations of the wines of Madiran, Pellehaut, Villa Dria, Chirolet and Plaimont. Madiran wines, which are not exported, have the highest level of anti-oxidants in southern France. Wines from Gers (the name given to the ancient area of Gascony) have enjoyed a huge renaissance over the last few years and have won awards galore.

Gascon delights

Dégustations of Armagnac, the oldest French brandy, will be from Domaine de Ognoas, Delord, Chateau du Busac-Maniban and Domaine de Saoubis, the only organic, sustainable Armagnac distillery in the area.

The tour dates are flexible to suit you but for a special local event, the end of October is a wonderful time to visit. This is when the annual Armagnanc en Fête takes place. The 12th century village of Labastide d’Armagnac hosts an event in which visitors can sample from every small, family-run distillery in the famous Bas-Armagnac region. A delicious lunch of Gascon delights to complement the wines will be prepared by Slow Food International in the village square. This really is one of those unique and memorable events you’ll cherish forever.

For more details see French Country Adventures and contact Sue Aran to organise dates. Why not add on some time to explore more of this beautiful area of castles and sunflower fields, picturesque villages and bucolic countryside, Sue is an expert tour guide on Gascony and would be delighted to help you put together your perfect itinerary and tour.

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