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Tiffany and Co Paris

The legendary New York jewellery store Tiffany & Co. has opened a store on the Champs- Elysées Paris.

Tiffany and Co Paris

Although having a presence in Paris since 1850 the new store is right in the heart of the most prestigious part of Paris and is bound to attract tourists and customers to its very swanky doors. Tiffany & Co has history with France, when King Louis Philippe was overthrown in 1848, the firm bought a large quantity of jewels at a sale in 1887 when the French Crown Jewels were sold off. In fact at the auction, Tiffany’s was the biggest buyer acquiring 24 out of 69 lots.

To celebrate the new store opening, the legendary Tiffany Diamond will travel from New York to be exhibited in Paris from June 10 and throughout the summer of 2014.

The Tiffany, as it is known, was not one of the French jewels acquired at the 1887 sale, although it was probably discovered in the same year in South Africa, most likely in the French owned mines of the Compagnie Francaise de Diamant du Cap. A rare deep canary yellow diamond, it was cut in Paris; in 1878 the 128.51 (metric) carats yellow diamond was purchased by the head of Tiffany’s Paris for $18000. It was then shipped to New York where it has been on display in Tiffany’s – and occasionally on exhibition at shows and other Tiffany stores around the world.

See the famous yellow Tiffany diamond in Paris from June 10 and enjoy the gorgeous jewels on sale – from an Eiffel Tower charm at €170 to gems costing millions.

Tiffany & Co Paris, 62 Champs Elysées.

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