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Tour de France 2014 photos

tour de france cochon

After travelling from the UK to France, the 2014 Tour de France French leg of the race began at Le Touquet on the Opal Coast and made its way for stage 4 across the beautiful countryside of Pas de Calais.

The 1100 vehicle Caravanne of promotional vehicles, team cars, media vehicles, catering trucks and police outriders followed by the 219 cyclists made their way through winding streets and cobblestone roads, up hills and down and through tiny villages like Hucqueliers.

tour de france hucqueliers

Enjoy these Tour de France 2014 photos – the people, the crowds, the vehicles and the riders as they came through the little town of Hucqueliers in the Seven Valleys, Pas de Calais, northern France…

tour de france Vittel


tour de france St Michel


tour de france St Michel Madeleines


tour de france French flag


tour de france yellow jersey


tour de france crowd patriots


tour de france Mickey Mouse


tour de france promotional gifts

A last, the riders arrive, after an hour of fun, the throwing of gifts, the fabulous publicity wagons, the crowd cheering themselves hoarse, followed by an hour of excited waiting and anticipation… and 15 seconds later, it’s all over…

tour de france cyclists

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