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La fête de la dinde – The festival of the turkey


The Good Life France team had a bird’s eye view today as turkeys ran wild through the streets of Licques.

Actually, running wild might not be the most accurate description at the Fête des Dindes (Festival of turkeys) in the small town of Licques some 25kms south of Calais.  In reality the turkeys ambled along, gobbling and gaggling, held in check by a group of children with sticks and accompanied by the dignitaries of the town in a traditional event witnessed by thousands of people.

The festivities heralded the start of the Christmas season for many as glasses of the town’s own liqueur, the Licquoise was heated up and handed out prompting a warm glow in all who partook.  The band played stirring music, the local baton twirler group threw sticks in the air, accordion music and singers entertained and the various organisations and authorities of the town dressed in their splendour and paraded for all they were worth but it was all second best to the herd of turkeys that were in the spotlight in turkey town today.

Licques is famed throughout the North of France for its poultry production and the Fête des Dindes has become one of the unmissable festive calendar events of the region.

The weekend provides an opportunity to taste and purchase the best of regional produce, from escargots to foie gras and much much more. You can also buy one of the famed turkeys (probably the best and freshest turkey you’ll ever be able to eat),  chapons (castrated cockerel) or other poultry at a big covered market where wine and champagne tasting is plentiful.

Definitely a Christmas day out with a difference and a lot of fun – unless you’re a turkey of course!

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