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Unusual Retirement Options

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So, you’ve reached retirement age. After a life time of getting up to the alarm clocks call, going to work every day, maybe caring for your family, and saving for this day – you might be wondering what options you have. And these days, you have plenty of choices including some that are not your usual retirement options but are definitely worth considering.

Retire to another country

If you’re looking to retire abroad, France is a great option. You’ll need to check the residency and visa requirements as they can be different for different countries. Part of the fun is searching for the right location. Will it be the sun-kissed south, or historic Paris, chic Nice or the tranquil Loire Valley? France has a hugely diverse landscape including seaside resorts, lush countryside, mountains and cities. The weather also differs markedly from one end of the country to the other. Sun lovers head south, keen gardeners might want to consider looking to the north.

Once you have decided where to move, it’s a good idea to start your adventure by renting first to make sure the destination is compatible with your idea of retirement. If it works out well, then it’s time to go house-hunting. There are plenty of estate agents, including those that specialise in agents who speak English such as Leggett Immobillier, in case you haven’t got around to learning French yet. If you’re uncertain about the affordability of moving to France, you might consider checking it out with a financial advisor who can help you determine the costs of living when retiring in France and how to make your savings work best for you.

Volunteer vacations

Why not take a trip that’s so much more than a holiday? Volunteering vacations give you many possibilities and a lot of flexibility about where to go and what sort of volunteering to do. For many a volunteer vacation is a really rewarding experience and there are lots of options in France. If you’re fit and healthy, there’s tons of choice, and you could really help make a difference whilst learning new skills and keeping active in the process.

From volunteering with children or animals to helping a small business on a project basis, helping out at a library or looking after a chateau, it’s a chance to get creative with your retirement. On the whole, volunteer positions aren’t paid, though there are exceptions to the rule. Companies like Workaway are a good place to start looking.

Make a business out of your passion

Starting a business can be a great way to bring a whole new element to your retirement. This might sound like a strange suggestion, after all, for most people the point of retiring is to stop working. However, starting a business can be a way to supplement your income as well as to share a lifetime of skills with others, or a way to do something you’ve longed to do and never had time before.

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