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Virtual viewings help buyers find French property

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Would you buy a property in France after a couple of virtual visits?

Before the global pandemic, virtual viewings would be a rare necessity. However when Covid-19 shut down travel and prevented standard visits virtual viewing came into its own – and the trend hasn’t gone awy.

Buyers visit French properties virtually

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A virtual viewing can be carried out in a variety of different ways according to the client’s needs or preferences. Facetime, Skype and Zoom are some of the most popular applications the team uses to film and transmit the footage and “walk” buyers through the property and surrounding area.

Pros and Cons of property virtual visits

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For many – seeing the real property for themselves is essential and no matter how good a virtual showing, it’s just not the same. That said, for first viewings it can be a really good way to whittle down a list of viewings so that you don’t have to keep travelling back and forth. Make sure your agent takes time to show you everything and to take a film of the good and the bad. And take a “live” visit, where the agent walks from room to room showing you each aspects.

Sometimes a poor signal or internet connection can affect a live viewing. But when it all goes to plan it is the most effective virtual viewing format for serious buyers.

Detailed property viewings – over internet

Detailed viewings are typically carried out on a second or third viewing. You can assess measurements of rooms. Look  at furniture and fixing. You can even view the drive from the property to the beach or town to see how long it takes.

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