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We Eat Socca Here | The Food of Nice

Man making socca, like pancakes made with chickpea flour, in an outdoor wood oven in NiceThe hidden story of a savory local specialty found only on the French Riviera and the surrounding areas. Socca enjoys a historical and cultural significance that far outweighs its simple and rustic four ingredients. So Nice!

On the sun-soaked Côte d’Azur, a local food specialty reigns. Socca is just four simple ingredients: chickpea flour, water, salt, and olive oil. But what it lacks in complexity, it makes up for in rusticity, history, cultural significance, and, most importantly an incomparable crispy, fluffy, and delicious flavor.

Socca – a true taste of Nice

For generations, socca has been a mainstay of Nice and the French Riviera. Most likely arriving with immigrants from Genoa in the 19th Century, Niçois children and adults alike savor socca at restaurants that are closing in on their centennial celebrations. Tradition is still supreme. Chez Thérésa’s Jean-Luc Mekersi still cuts socca with the knife that socca pioneer Thérésa used in the early 1900s.

We Eat Socca Here is a film by Scott Petersen which tells the story of socca through the lens of the restaurateurs and entrepreneurs who keep the wood-fired flame burning. Meet Steeve Bernardo (Chez Pipo), Stephane Pentolini (René Socca) & Jean-Luc Mekersi (Chez Thérésa). From its early days being produced on makeshift food carts serving fishermen to current-day restaurants feeding locals and tourists alike from 200 year-old ovens, socca is an indelible part of Nice’s cultural fabric.

See the trailer for a taste of Socca:

Los Angeles based Petersen is an award-winning film-maker whose résumé includes work on multiple networks as well as several feature films and commercials (including Hitchhiking to the Edge of Sanity). His short film We Eat Socca captures the joy and the reverence that the people of Nice hold for their favourite dish. You’ll be whisked away to the French Riviera, feel the warmth of the friendly locals, the heat of the sun and the sound of life in the vibrant south of France.

Petersen suggests watching The film which has English subtitles with a Socca Bièra or a glass of Provençal Rosé – catch it on Amazon Prime worldwide from 30 March 2021. It’s lovely film, and in just under ten minutes gives you an experience of authentic southern France – a feel good film.

Warning: this movie will make you hungry.

Scott Petersen (Producer/Director/Editor) can  be found on Facebook at SoccaMovie

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