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Where to eat out in Dijon Burgundy

Large paved square known as Place de la Liberation in Dijon lined with restaurants and shops

Dijon is foodie central. Seriously food is on everyone’s lips, not literally of course, but its the most popular topic of conversation – or at least that’s what it feels like. People in Dijon LOVE good food so there are plenty of eateries from magnificent Michelin starred restaurants to tasty budget bistros. Here’s where to eat out in Dijon – whether its for lunch, dinner or a glass of wine!

Where to eat out in Dijon

Restaurants the locals love for lunch in Dijon

Inside restaurant of the Brasserie des Beaux Arts in Dijon

Brasserie des Beaux arts: Savvy locals have sussed this one out in its superb location inside the courtyard of the Musée des Beaux Arts in the former Ducal palace. Chef Fred Guilland (above top right) says: “Regional, seasonal, weather, local products – these are my guides” as he prepares exquisite dishes for the lunch time crowd. He uses incredible spices in his classic and creative dishes and personally visits the farms where the produce comes from. “Knowing where the food comes from is essential to happy cooking” he says, and yes, this place did make me happy. Very happy. Details: www.brasserie-beaux-arts.com/en/

Overlooking a fairy tale style courtyard at the ancient Mailson Milliere restaurant in Dijon

Maison Millière: In a former house built in 1438 you will find a rather wonderful restaurant and shop. Run by affable husband and wife team Lydia and Jean Francois Lieutet, there’s an upstairs, downstairs and gorgeous little courtyard for a sunny day. Tea room, open for lunch Tuesday-Sunday, dinner Friday and Saturday. It is superb. Fans of Cyrano de Bergerac will recognise this place from the film. It’s a listed historical monument, authentic and memorable. Details: www.maison-milliere.fr/

Restaurants the locals love for dinner in Dijon

Chef and his team pose at the Restaurant L'Essentiel, Dijon

L’Essentiel: This is one tourists rarely discover since it’s not right in the centre but a very short walk away. This is where the locals go, lured by the delicious dishes of chef Richard Bernigaud whose deft hand creates memorable and delectable flavours. The menu is terrific value, the ingredients are top quality and its a friendly service. And, if I lived in Dijon, this would be my go to restaurant. It really is one of the best places to eat out in Dijon. Details: www.lessentiel-dijon.com/

Inside restaurant Brasserie by Georges Blanc at Pre Aux Clercs, Dijon - vibrant colours and very elegant

Sitting at Le Pre aux Clercs Brasserie par Georges Blanc, in the big, light Place de la Liberation with a glass of good local wine induces happiness. Listening to the tinkling fountain, the low hum of people talking and laughing, enjoying al fresco happy hour, knowing that you’ve got a delicious dinner coming up. Brilliant.

Dine outside on the terrace on a fine day, inside with its elegant interior when it’s cooler. This place serves classic dishes with aplomb. I went for the traditional, eggs poached in Pinot Noir, boeuf bourguignon – seriously good, and a really welcoming restaurant too. Details: www.lepreauxclercs.fr/en/

The best wine bars in Dijon

Waiter wearing traditional apron serves wine at a bar in Dijon, Burgundy

If you like your cocktails served with finesse in a memorable location (a 13th century mansion no less), Monsieur Moutarde is THE place to go. Seek out the terrace area (go through the bar), it’s gorgeous and if you go early evening you’ll have it almost to yourself (I went at 17.30). There are little enclaves, a vintage looking interior and a long list of cocktails.

Place de la Liberation has some terrific bars and is great for people watching. If you like live music, try Le Pop Art and if you like to relax with a super glass of wine, Pre Aux Clercs is perfect.

Place Francois Rude is another great people watching place. Known to locals as Place du Bareuzai, because of the statue of a grape picker atop the fountain in the centre of the square. In years gone by wine growers would tread the grapes by foot which would give them “red stockings” (“bas rosés”/bareuzai).

Inside Les Halles covered market in Dijon, a blue metal frame and glass roof

For a lunch time bevvy there are lots of bars around the Les Halles covered market. And, there’s also a great bar inside. Plus you can buy the most amazing food here. Don’t miss a visit to Le Gourmet-Traiteur stall where you can get the most divine tarts and other scrumptious products.

Inside the bar of Dijon Theatre, formerly a church

For sheer wow factor the bar of the Théâtre Dijon Bourgogne takes some beating. It’s In the former 15th century church of Saint Jean which is now a theatre.

Dr Wine is popular with locals into wine, a bit bobo (bourgeois- bohemian French for middle class!). It’s very designer with a lovely courtyard in a posh mansion house (5 rue Musette).

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Where to stay

I stayed at the Residence Le Pré aux Clercs, right in the heart of the city. From here it’s literally a 10 second walk to the Place de la Libération. A boutique B&B with just five rooms, including top floor suite, I loved feeling like a local staying here and being so close to the centre of everything yet in a quiet side street. Lovely breakfast provided in the restaurant next door.

Getting around

There’s a good tram system and buses too.

How to get there

The train from Paris takes just 1.5 hours so it’s an easy day trip destination. But, you don’t want to just go for one day – two is much better as there’s simply so much to see and do.

Useful websites

Dijon tourist office: www.destinationdijon.com; Burgundy-tourism.com; www.ukfrance.fr

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