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Will French Misses miss Miss?

The debate rumbles on in France concerning the removal of the title Mademoiselle (Miss) from official forms. In the US, UK and many other countries there’s been an option to use the title Ms, Mrs or Miss for many years now but here in France that wasn’t a choice. What’s more, it looks fairly certain that it’s not going to be an option and in fact all ladies will simply be Madame as there is no French language equivalent for Ms.

Feminist groups in France have been campaigning for years to have the terms changed that differentiate a married woman from an unmarried woman saying that it is an “intrusion into womens private lives” but their efforts and the efforts of any minister who have supported them have been ignored until now.

Will the French trump everyone with their admittedly late decision to bring titles into the modern age? They might well have done after all there’s only one title for men Monsieur (Mr) – so why not only one title for women.

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