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Win a copy of Daisy and the Missing Mona Lisa

Miss Daisy Tannenbaum, almost thirteen, and home-schooling in Paris with her Aunt Millicent, takes a break from the City of Light and her dreaded math homework, and heads to a rambling chateau in the Loire Valley to help her Aunt Mill’s friend, former-spy Felix, catalog his art collection. But when Daisy receives a copy of the Mona Lisa as a thank you, strange things start to happen. Real or not, it’s worth a fortune, and when Felix suddenly dies, his family accuses Daisy of stealing it and she must navigate a world of crazy, scheming, often criminal adults, not to mention traveling ghosts, ginormous pigs, testy lawyers, former spies, and obnoxious fashionistas, as she finds herself in a harrowing chase in and around Paris while trying to outwit them all to keep her beloved Mona.


Daisy Tannenbaum is the creation of award-winning screenwriter, J.T. ALLEN. Allen sold his first script while living in Paris and then moved to Los Angeles where he wrote several early drafts of THE LION KING and THE PREACHER’S WIFE. His television movie credits include TNT’s “Geronimo” and “The Good Old Boys”, FX’s “Redemption” and CBS’s “Death in Paradise”. The first Daisy Tannenbaum Misadventure, DAISY AND THE PIRATES, started as a pitch for a Disney Channel movie. Allen loved the character, who was inspired by his two daughters, and wrote his first novel instead. DAISY IN EXILE, the second in the series, started as Daisy’s blog, “My Stupid Journal”. Perfect for tweens and teens, but also a guilty pleasure for all lovers of Paris, click here to enter the draw to win a copy of the book (print or ebook – your choice). Draw takes place 15 January 2022 and the winner will be notified by email. We will never use your email information for anything other than to contact the winner and your details will never be shared with anyone else.
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