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You live in France but are you French?

Top celebrity Chef Michel Roux talked about his nationality. The chef has French nationality but lives and works in the UK where he has had several hit TV programmes and is adored by many.

We suspect that his take on whether he is French or English as he told it to the Daily Express will strike a chord with many expats who live in France: “I consider myself French when France wins and English when the English win at sport! I am French of course, with French nationality and I did my French national service but I was born in England and had English schooling, which I think makes me very English.”

I sort of know how he feels. I was born in London which makes me English. But I live in France and that is where my heart is so I think of myself as French too. My maternal great grandmother was from Italy and was an immigrant to London in the early 20th century. My paternal great grandfather was an immigrant to London from Germany at the start of the 20th century.  So I’m English and french, and 100% European.

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