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5 Easy methods to help you learn French as fast as possible

When it comes to foreign languages, we can be impatient. Many of us look for the best, quickest or most innovative methods. We devote time to French online courses. We download special apps and so on. Everyone learns differently though, some work well alone, others in a classroom situation. And, there are loads of different ways to learn…

Use this Special Formula for learning French

Specialists have derived an ideal formula for memorization – 30 words a day, 5 of which should be verbs. The methodology is aimed at busy people who want to learn the basics of a new language and don’t have much time.  According to the formula, words should be chosen according to the first letter. Then you change every day to the next letter. In this way, today you focus on 30 words beginning with “A.” Tomorrow it should be 30 words with the letter “B”. When the full circle of the alphabet is passed, you return to “A” and so on. The effectiveness of this method lies in the fact that it provides easy to follow rules. In time it becomes a habit, then a system. To achieve results learning French using this method, the main rule is – it must be done every day.

Use your natural surroundings to help you learn French

Whatever is around you on a daily basis can help you learn French. Why not stick tags or sticky notes with French words to objects? Or you can set up electronic devices  such as your TV, PC, laptop, tablet, phone, and even video games, to work in French. This can really help to reinforce your knowledge of words.

The method for music lovers

It’s been found that a remarkably effective method of learning languages is memorising foreign songs in parallel with their translation. Linguists say that this method really helps to master a foreign language. It’s especially successful if the translation is worked by the student, taking into account the grammar and style of the text. The “song” technique’s strength is all about repeated repetition of the text. Of course it also helps with the pronunciation of words. Listening to French radio stations can really help with this one.

The immersion method

One of the most proven and effective ways of learning a foreign language is the “method of immersion.” In this technique, you immerse yourself, usually in France, and speak the language from the very first day of study. Perhaps you’ll start by describing everything that you see around you from eating dinner to walking the dog. You communicate with others around you in French wherever you are. The main idea of express learning by this technique is that the learner first memorises key words and phrases. Then comes the grammar which with immersion seems to become more intuitive.

“First person” learning

According to many language teachers, studying using phrase books can help to improve the process of memorising individual words and the general principles of constructing a sentence. By memorising the language with ready-made phrases in the first person narrative, you subconsciously simulate a situation, dn put yourself in it. For instance, asking for directions to the Eiffel Tower. This can help to anchor the learned words.

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