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Six Great Tips to help you learn French at home

french alphabet

We share six of our top tips to help you learn French in your own time and at your own pace…

Learn the French alphabet, so many people forget to do this but it’s really important to know these basics.

Here’s the French alphabet song to help you and you might be surprised at how different the pronunciation of the letters is!

Practice, practice practice! If you’re in France this is easy, if not, try to join a group or set up a group of interested friends to practice together. Every bit of practice helps.

DVDs often come with different language options – watch a film with the French subtitles on! Or watch in French with English subtitles on. It’s a great way to learn French words and phrases.

Stick notes with French words and phrases around your house, office and even car! It’s a great way to reinforce those words you’re learning.

When watching TV set the audio to French. A great way to hear French as its spoken in real life not on a learning CD or course.

Listen to French radio online – you’ll get to hear some great French music and also hear spoken French (remember just like elsewhere, the way they talk on the adverts is usually really fast!)…

Watch our 5 minute French lesson – how to order coffee in France, you’ll be surprised how many types of coffee there are and how many different names it has

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