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5 very good reasons to go cycling in the Occitanie region of France

Hardly any traffic and gorgeous landscape on roads in Tarn, France

If you’re a cyclist, then there are certain things that you look for in a cycling holiday that you know will really make it special. In the Tarn, Occitanie, France, boxes get ticked and cyclists get happy.

Why the Tarn region in France is one of the best French cycling locations

Admittedly the Tarn doesn’t sit at the top of France’s most obvious cycling destinations. But, ask any cyclist what they think about a destination that’s ‘less pedalled’ and the answer will be – it’s better that way. The Tarn is a little bit off the beaten track and a hidden gem of France to discover on two wheels. If you need more convincing, here are 5 top reasons you’ll love cycling in the south-west of France…

The stunning scenery of the Tarn

Think of the region as the Yorkshire Dales colliding with Cheddar Gorge and the Peak district, mixed in with the Cotswolds for good measure. The region is pretty, green and rolling, dramatic, and brimming with things to see. The Quercy plateau lies all around Tours du Tarn and the Aveyron gorges are on the doorstep. With medieval Saint Antonin Noble Val just a short pedal away, this pocket of undiscovered France has it all.

Perfect roads for cyclists

Cycling here is your chance to enjoy some genuinely traffic-free roads. Unlike some tourist hotspots, this area has NONE of the TRAFFIC but quiet, scenic, annually maintained roads. Meaning you can concentrate on the views and not the tarmac.

Ideal cycling weather

We know there’s good weather in many of the world’s greatest cycling destinations, this area included. There’s plenty of sunshine here, it’s warm (often hot!) daytime temperatures, and there are three proper cycling friendly seasons. The sheer enjoyment of being on two wheels is made all the better by more than pleasant weather.

Great Cycling for all sorts

Whether you cycle for sport, speed, leisure or pleasure, the region offers everything. From hill climbs with switch-backs, to valley flats and dramatic descents and incredible views as you roll on by.

Unchartered France for cyclists

This place is original, different and undiscovered. You might not have heard of it but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great cycling destination. Just take a look at the pedigree of the region’s cyclists: Lilian Calmejane, Alexandre Geniez, and sportives: the Albigeoise – home to the UCI Gran Fondo world championships 2017 and it’s regularly featured on the Tour de France route…


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