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An extraordinary tour of Corsica

View of a town at the edge of the crystal clear turquoise coloured sea on the island of Corsica

Corsica is a land of captivating contrasts. Wildly beautiful and full of wondrous sights. Exquisite beaches, historic cities and pickled in the past villages in lush, forested countryside peppered with snow-capped mountains. It’s a land of gastronomic delights with sun-baked vineyards. A Mediterranean island of secrets, it feels half Italian, half French and wholly gorgeous. And one of the best ways to see it is from the turquoise waters that surround it, on a cruise with CroisiEurope…

Terracotta rooftops overlook the Mediterranean Sea and bright coloured flowers bloom round a doorway

Not just a cliché – it’s a fact that Corsica is an island of captivating contrasts. Snow-capped mountains, chestnut forests, idyllic beaches and turquoise waters. Corsica certainly lives up to it’s nickname the Isle of Beauty.

There are more than 200 beaches whilst inland you’ll find lush forest, mountains and streams. In the little mountain villages farm animals roam the streets, while in the main city of Ajaccio you’ll find cultural glories by the bucket load including the largest collection of Italian paintings outside the Louvre.

This tour allows you to experience the very best of everything the island has to offer from discovering the most beautiful markets to churches, museums and villages.

The staggering beauty of Corsica

Ancient buildings of mellow sun-baked stone along a cobbled street in Corsica

Travel to the heart of Corsica to learn its secrets, taste its wine and fabulous cuisine, discover its picturesque towns and villages. You’ll visit the cheerful markets indulge in wine tastings in vineyard, dine at charming countryside restaurants and experience views that make your soul soar.

Visit a coral jeweller, the last one left on the island which is known as the “city of Coral”. Local legend has it that the famous red coral has the power to resist the malevolent influence of the “Evil Eye”. Explore museums, discover Napoleon Bonaparte’s ancestral home, ancient churches and artisan villages. Walk in the footsteps of the great Henri Matisse, who spent his honeymoon here, inspired to capture the beauty on canvas over and over. You’ll see just what he meant when he said of Corsica “Everything glistens, everything is colour, everything is light.”

Discover Corsica with CroisiEurope cruises which depart from Nice: croisieurope.co.uk

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