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Countdown to festive fa la la & the snow is here!


Hope you had a good week. We had snow in my little corner of France! I woke up yesterday morning to a winter wonderland. The cats were horrified, the dogs loved it and the chickens, ducks and geese were bewildered. My crazy cockerel Ken didn’t like it all, he was trying to hop on one foot to avoid the cold white stuff (you can see him here on Instagram).

We knew the snow was coming because the man in our local hardware store told us it would arrive on Friday. I am not quite sure why he is working in that shop – he never ever gets the weather wrong, he should be on the telly, where he would easily outdo the weather forecasters who seem to guess at what might happen. When I went in to buy some cat food this week he shook his head in disbelief “didn’t you buy some just a little while ago” he asked, “surely you haven’t added more cats to your family”.

I seem to have a reputation as a crazy cat lady round here on account of the six strays I’ve taken in. I explained that the hedgehogs that live on our terrace have become very partial to cat food and scoff it like there’s no tomorrow. They’ve made an underground den that they access via a hole in the wall of the terrace and every night when it gets dark, out they come, snorting and snuffling. They’re like circus clowns, they climb into the bowls of cat food and roll around, fall out of the bowls and bump into each other. The cats sit and stare in utter bemusement but they’ve learned to let the little piggy spiky creatures eat their fill.

It is of course the countdown to Christmas so don’t miss my annual Advent Calendar – this year I’ve gone all out and I’m sharing it on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook (different photos each day for each of them).

I wish you a very bon weekend,
Bisous from France

ps photo is of my three dogs running along the little road that runs across the top of my village in the bowl of the Seven Valleys

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