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Currencies Direct – currency transfers that save you money

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The currency market moves about from day to day, sometimes up, sometimes down. But when you’re looking at paying the deposit on your dream house in France or needing to send funds to pay bills or for things like building work – the last thing you need is more stress and uncertainty, or shelling out more in costs. And that’s where a trustworthy foreign exchange money transfer company can really help you.

What are foreign currency money transfers all about?

Most of us don’t know the ins and outs of foreign exchange, but we do know that our bank usually charges commission or doesn’t pass on the best exchange rate available. Many of us don’t look for a different way to get a better rate because it might seem too much bother. But actually, nothing could be further from the truth. The whole system of foreign exchange has moved on leaps and bounds in recent years and makes it easy for clients to take advantage of the best market rates experts can provide.

Currencies Direct for instance, make setting up an account on line easy and quick. They have staff at the end of the line you can talk to – not just a chat bot. They’re happy to give advice. They have no hidden fees, zero transaction costs and secure the best exchange rate on your behalf. And they have an e-license which means they can securely hold funds with zero risk to clients. They have a level 1 credit rating (the highest you can get). 25 branches worldwide. Trade in 40 currencies and make up to 600,000 payments per year. They were also the first money transfer provider in Europe and have been around for decades.

Importantly, they can make payments that arrive in minutes – not days later. As anyone who’s ever needed to transfer money abroad knows, waiting for a payment to come through can be the sort of stress you just don’t need.

Currency exchange tips for French home buyers

When it comes to buying a property overseas there’s plenty of paperwork to complete and lots to consider. But one thing that you can save time, stress and money on is the transfer of funds. Not just for the deposit, but any mortgage payments and ongoing costs such as electricity and phone bills.

Transferring funds via currency exchange experts like Currencies Direct can save you a fair bit of money. They’re at the end of the phone to help with any questions and to give advice, and not just about money. Whether you’re at the stage where you’re considering which region is best for you, what your budget is, or ready to pay the deposit or balance – they’ll be happy to offer advice on your best options when it come to currency questions.

How does setting up a foreign exchange account work

First register for free – simply complete a quick and easy online form. Let Currencies Direct know what currency you need and where you want to send it and they’ll come straight back with a live rate. You confirm, they will book the payment and you send the funds to their segregated account and they will make the payment same day on all major currencies. Simple. Secure. Stress free.

You can also instruct to be notified when the market rate reaches a level that suits you, and then make your transfer. Make a one off payment or set up regular payments such as a mortgage. If your bank charges say £25 per transfer and you’re paying a mortgage 12 months a year, that’s £300 you could spend on something much more fun. And you’re probably not getting the best rate either. It doesn’t matter if you’re sending a large sum or small money transfer – why waste it when you can save money.

Currencies Direct help you manage your transfers and payments online with ease and securely.

The Good Life France uses Currencies Direct who specialise in overseas property purchases. Registration is easy and secure, plus there are no added fees. They save their customers thousands of pounds with their advantageous rates of exchange and guidance. You can speak to one of their experts over email or phone. Find out more about currency transfers here: currenciesdirect.com

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