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Discover the picture-perfect poppy fields of Provence


Imagine the soft sun of late spring in Provence as it pours onto fields of bright red poppies. Their slender stems sway in a gentle breeze, their vivid petals contrast with the blue sky… this is Provence’s beautiful bounty in April and May.

Looking like a painting come to life, the poppy fields of Provence are dazzling at this time of the year and it’s the perfect time to visit. Whether you have the soul of an artist and wish to capture these gorgeous wild flowers with paint or on camera, or you love flowers – you can’t fail to be enthralled by the sight of the luminous lush valleys. May brings a profusion of not just poppies but wild flowers too and nature fans will adore the sights.

The weather is usually glorious, but not too hot – certainly warm enough to sit outside a wonderful café enjoying lunch. Though evenings are cooler, al fresco aperitifs are certainly not to be missed.


Emily Durand, expert Provence guide at Your Private Provence says one of her favourite and most inspiring spots to sketch the poppies, or just to admire and fall in love with the view is “the Café de France in Lacoste.  It’s set on the slope of the village looking out towards Bonnieux with the Luberon valley in the middle. I have many memories sitting at this café (sometimes sipping Pastis, other times a café) with my journal and ‘my’ poppy filled valley. I find it’s very inspiring for creative thinking or just taking time to enjoy the beauty of the lush Luberon.”

outdoor cafe seating (1)

This is also a great time to visit the villages, empty of crowds before the peak season starts. The markets are full of fresh produce and cheeses and bright coloured baskets.  It’s a good season to visit the herb growers of the area, who doesn’t love the famous Herbes de Provence? There are “Remarkable Gardens” to visit, looking their best with their spring finery, these gardens are labelled as such due to their beauty and allure.


Why not take a cookery lesson using herbs you’ve picked and produce bought at the market. Discover where crystallised fruit is made, taste artisan chocolate, meet a goats cheese maker, quaff local wines, enjoy sweet honey and local olive oil at an authentic mill.


Emily recommends a visit to some of the most beautiful villages in the area such as Menerbes and gorgeous Isle-sur-la-Sorgue where the antiques markets are bound to tempt you.

Provence in spring – it’s all about the good life, and the poppies!

Spring tours of Provence taking in the glorious poppy fields: yourprivateprovence.com/home/escorted-tours/poppy-tour

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